Who wouldn’t love the luxury of always having a home-cooked meal, well, for every meal? In the end though even the best of us succumb to the drive-through from time to time. Just because that happens doesn’t mean it has to sabotage your whole day. Now while I can’t be there to give you the will power to side step ordering fries while the smell wafts into your car, I can give you some go to items so that choosing will be a no-brainer. Keep in mind that these may not be the best or optimal choice let’s say compared to preparing something at home BUT they are BETTER choices when the alternative is skipping a meal or a double cheese burger , a shake and fries.

1. McDonald’s: Premium Caesar Salad w/ Grilled Chicken


Packs 27 gms protein and 4 gms of fiber and surprisingly one of the lower sodium items for most sides/entrees (580 mg) it’s ahead of the pack compared to other choices on the ¬†Golden Arches menu.






2. Starbucks: Chicken & Hummus

If you haven’t tried hummus this is a good place to start. Starbucks offers more than caffeinated treats–you can get in 20 gms protein, 5 gms fiber and at 260 calories this is a great alternative to those 400+ calorie bakery items!









3. Whatburger: Scrambled Eggs



Whataburger may not conjure images for breakfast BUT their catch-phrase is “Just like you like it” so if your looking for a simple breakfast option on-the-go just ask for plain scrambled eggs and you’ll get 14 gms protein, 160 calories–a much healthier option than most other breakfast fare.




4. Subway: Egg White and Cheese Egg Muffin

Well well well Subway has one of the healthiest breakfast options–especially if plain scrambled eggs just aren’t going to cut it. This Egg white and Cheese Egg Muffin is 170 calories, 12 gms protein and 5 gms fiber.



For more nutrition information or to compare the items above to other menu items just click the links in the photo credit–one of the most important tips for any nutrition endeavor that I can recommend–AWARENESS!




  • Madison

    13 08 2013

    Very helpful! Thanks for the good read!

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