We’ve all done it. You get in your car and drive to work, only to get there and realize you remember nothing of the trip. You’ve made the same drive so many times that you could do it in your sleep. We call it “zoning out,” or running on “auto-pilot.”

Image credit: wired.com

Image credit: wired.com

How much of our lives do we spend zoned out? How many hours, days, weeks a year do we spend in La-La Land? There’s lots of research out there. The really smart people at LiveScience actually even tell us it’s a good thing to zone out sometimes. It fosters creative and imaginative thought.

Really cool…up to a point. Okay, maybe while I’m showering or waiting in line for coffee or stuck in traffic, but when it comes to health and fitness, I can’t afford to let my attention and focus wane. In fact, I need MORE mindfulness and discipline in this area than many others.

I ask myself, how often do I run on auto-pilot through the grocery store, grabbing the same things I’ve always bought because I’ve always bought them? When was the last time I tried something new for dinner? When was the last time I stopped and assessed my goals and was really honest with myself about whether I’m meeting them with the food I’m shoveling in?

Same logic applies at the gym, SweatShedders. Am I walking into the gym each week with a plan? How am I tracking my progress? Who is holding me accountable and pushing me farther than I would go on my own?

With these things in mind, I took a hard look at the state of my nutrition over the weekend. Let’s just say it left something to be desired. Instead of procrastinating, I went grocery shopping Sunday night so I could start the week clean. So I’m juicing and eating lots of fruits and vegetables today instead of grabbing quick and convenient (read: pre-packaged or restaurant-prepared) food. A little bit of mindfulness goes a long way in this department. I have a plan for the next six weeks, and supplies for the rest of this week, at least.

I did the same with my workout regime. I find that I’ve gotten pretty slack over the summer, so just last week, I started a new program with my trainer and got back on track there. But I hadn’t done any measurements or weighed myself in a while. So, sadly, I did that this morning. Not gonna lie, it was a little painful to see how far off track I was…but there’s no correction without measurement!

How about you? Do you need a course-correction? How long have you been on auto-pilot when it comes to health and fitness? For a few months, like me, or longer? Let me help you…we can do it together. Shoot me an email at mel{at}thesweatshed.com, or just comment on this post, and let’s get started!!


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