Walked off stage into a cloud of negativity today from a source I wasn’t expecting it. It caught me by surprise and put me into  a spin. I wanted to capture it before the results because i committed to you to be honest threw out the exercise #oneshot

  • Chad Leister

    24 03 2014

    I got to meet you backstage at the show this weekend and hope you enjoyed your nachos afterwards. I have to say I love the sport but there is a lot of negative energy at these shows but also some very positive energy and people. No matter the results I thought you looked awesome and mostly you were a really nice guy! Was a pleasure meeting you. Good luck in your journey!

  • Dr John A. King

    25 03 2014

    Hey Chad

    mate, this was a really nice feedback and thank you for your kind words. Please make sure you download the free ebooks about my One Shot. They include all of the training and diet, motivational and daily challenges I faced over the last 6 months. Id also like you to consider sharing what your next big One Shot is.

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